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How guarantees can get you OMGs!

Guaranteed Marketing is when you make it risk-free to buy from you and tell people about it, making more people buy. But do you offer a “30-day money back” or “100% satisfaction” guarantee? As good as those sound, they’re not as effective as they used to be.

You might find it tricky to create a guarantee, but you shouldn’t because who knows more about your product or service than you? Here are some tips on creating guarantees:

Look at your competitors

Take a look at your competitors through their websites to see what their guarantees are and if you can spot any patterns. Are there many guarantees in your industry? Were they of a specific performance, or the dull-as-dishwater “satisfaction guaranteed” kind?

Look at your strengths

Every business has their own strengths, so think about yours. What area of your business is a strong point for you? Do you respond quickly to customer queries? Do you have the widest selection in the area? Do your products or services produce consistently excellent results? Do you save money for your customers?

Know your customers

Understand and figure out exactly what your customers are really buying from you, and then guarantee that they will get it from you. For example, if you own a restaurant you probably think you’re selling food. Wrong! You’re selling laughter and socialising that comes when friends and family come together to share a meal.

Consider the specific results a customer may want when he or she is looking to buy your products or services. What good things happen when customers use your products? Note these things and then guarantee that outcome, as long as you can fulfil on your promise.

Choose a payback

Only around 2% of customers will ever take you up on these, but create an appealing payback in case customers are unsatisfied. It won’t cost you much but it’ll make you much more valuable. A hassle-free, money-back guarantee is a good place to begin, although you could dress it up a bit. It should exceed customer expectations and be memorable.

Test it out!

Now you should have an idea of what your guarantee is, you should see how well it performs before making it permanent. Try advertising the guarantee for a short amount of time, and track the results.

Have sales increased over your previous amount before you had a guarantee? Test at least two combinations of your guarantee to see which one works best for you. You could guarantee the results for 30 days and then the results in 90 days (longer guarantees are usually more successful). Or, you may even use a lifetime one!

After testing out and finding a guarantee most suitable for your business, make it public. Put it in your advertisements, marketing campaigns, website and social media.

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