Pushing The Business Boundaries

How Do You Push The Boundaries Of Your Comfort Zone?

Are you challenging yourself or are you sitting in the comfort zone?

The favourite family programme at the moment is I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here. I expect some of the ‘Celebrities’ are in there for financial reasons and to kick start their careers, others may be looking to challenge themselves and overcome their fears.

When is the last time you set yourself a challenge and pushed yourself out of your comfort zone?

Many people start their own business with the initial objective to earn what they did before but have control over when they worked and what they did. I know that was the case for me, my initial aim was to work more locally (I was working in London) and earn the same money.


Robert Kiyoisaki wrote a great book called the Cash-flow Quadrant. In his book he explains 4 options and shows how to achieve financial freedom.

The E is Employees; you are exchanging money for your time. There is a limit to how much you can earn as you will only be able to work a set number of hours in a week.

The S is for Self Employed, You can earn more money than as an employee as you can control your costs and selling prices. There will still be a limit as the business revolves around you. Once you start employing people then you can start to earn more money.

The B is for a Business that can work with–out you. The team and systems are in place so the business doesn’t rely on your input, freeing you up to take time off, start looking at other ventures.

The I is for the Investors, the ability to make a passive income with-out having to go to work. This could be property investment, stocks, shares, buying in to another Business.

The challenge for most Business Owners I meet is that they haven’t really thought about the end game. The business is doing OK and they are pushing through the day to day running of the business and getting a reasonable standard of life.



What is it that you really want?

Are you still passionate about your business?

Is it giving you the dream holidays, house and car you always wanted?

Are you crossing more than 1 cash-flow quadrant with some investments and your own business? How dependent is the business on you being there?

Personally I have a low risk profile so I am prone to staying in my comfort zone. I am aware that can hold me back in life so I gently push the boundaries on a regular basis; this could be anything from a bungee jump to Go Ape traversing through the woodland canopy to being trained by a World Class Executive Coach in Vegas. These new experiences make me more open to change and allow me to meet a variety of people.

Within the ActionCOACH franchise there are many different types of people wanting different things from their coaching business, some want to give back to the business community, others wanting a lifestyle business and growing to a million plus business. Spending time with different people opens up my mind to the opportunities – widening my comfort zone and giving me the confidence to push the business to the next level.  The danger is when someone only knows their own business model and isn’t aware of what is possible.

Are you staying in your comfort zone?

Are you the best you can be?

Is your business finished; are you an S or a B?

As a Business Coach I work with the Business Owners and their teams not only on growing their business but also as a person.   When is the last time you stepped back and thought through the end game for you and your business?


Here are a couple of techniques you can try:

  1. Start dreaming: sit back in a comfy chair and think about:

For you Personally

  • Your perfect week; how many days a week are you working, what are your hours, what are you doing when you are not working
  • What tasks are you really good at; what should you be doing less or more of?
  • Places you would love to visit and who you would like to go with
  • Activities you have never tried or used to do and would like to do more of
  • How could you help a cause – a Charity/voluntary work
  • Learning new skills or improving existing

In Business

Over the next 3,5,10 years…

  • What is your Local/regional/UK/global coverage?
  • How large is your office/factory, what Is the size of team?
  • What do your team and clients say about your company
  • What Awards/qualifications have you received?
  • What is your turnover and profitability?

Some people find this blue sky thinking really difficult as they deal more in the tangible here and now world. If that is you then start thinking for the next year and work up to the 10 year.

  1. Rocking chair challenge

Go somewhere quiet and get comfy, shut your eyes and picture yourself in your 80’s in a rocking chair with grandchildren at your feet. You are telling them about all the achievements in your life.

What are you most proud of?

What are the top 3 achievements?

What legacy have you left the world?

Once you have done this start making a bucket list for you personally and write down the goals for your business. As soon as you write a goal down it becomes real, share it with others and you become accountable. Once you have the goal you can start planning and making it happen.

My motto is – ‘hold yourself accountable and do what is right not what is easy’

If you have everything you want in life I salute you, for everyone else start working out what that ‘everything is’, start one step at a time…



Remember not to focus only on the destination – enjoy the journey!

Let me know how you get on…

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